Thursday, October 30, 2014

a mini quilt and a commission

On Saturday Oct. 11 our quilt guild presented a show in a local senior residence called Maplewood. It was the 10th anniversary of this show and my 2nd year exhibiting work of my own. This year we also held a silent auction of mini quilts, each donated by members of the guild, to raise funds for our treasury. 35 quilts were donated in all.
I donated a mini quilt made of 4 log cabin blocks and three outside borders embellished with raw edge appliqu├ęd leaves on front and back.

Jerome fell in love with the colors and decided he wanted it for our own. When we arrived at the auction table an hour before the close of the auction Jerome was surprised to see that there were several bids on "his" quilt. What we discovered, much to my dismay, was that the director of Maplewood was determined to have the last bid on my quilt and was willing to stand at the table until the close of the sale to do so. Each time he added his name, she added hers below it! Before the close of bidding Jerome had left the building to attend the harvest parade in town with Anne and Matthias, instructing me to be sure to get the quilt for him. What was I to do??
Two of my quilting buddies came to my rescue. Mary quietly took the director aside and explained the situation, suggesting she inquire if I would make another one just for her. Verda took me aside and suggested I offer to make the director one of her own. And that's what we planned.
Jerome bought the original quilt, that shown above, and we took it home. I immediately went through my stash and realized I had almost all of the original fabrics, but not quite. Well, I went right to work on the second quilt and as I sewed and quilted it discovered I liked the new one better than the first. Since we planned to keep this one we felt I could make some changes, and so left the front unembellished.

In the end, Jerome got the new quilt and I sold the original to the director. I brought it to her at Maplewood yesterday and she was like a little girl on Christmas morning. And then she handed me a check. Amazing.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

a new year

Been on the farm for 50 months now.
Been blogging 4 years today.
Sallymomsprouts has not essentially changed in format from its beginning. But my reason for doing it has.
No longer alone… Jerome here full time 16 months now, Anne and Matthias in town a year this weekend, Phil at the farm mostly since June, I'm writing it primarily for me now.
It helps me a great deal to look back through prior posts and see that I actually do accomplish things. That life is beautiful. My new blogging year's goal is to post more often and by doing so be more frequently uplifted by sharing the graces that surround me.

This amaryllis has bloomed 3 times in 2014.

 First full bloom on plant grown from cuttings from Anne's plant.

Two orchids in my collection that have been in continuous bloom since April.

Thank you for wandering over in the past and please continue to do so.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


our guild's annual quilt show
mini quilt for silent auction

and one of 3 I entered 

tail end of eclipse

and moon rise 12 hours later

gem of a church on St. Mary's Ridge Cashton, WI  that hosted a most enjoyable concert

on a newly restored 100+ year old instrument

we discovered they say a Latin mass every Sunday at noon... now that would be a treat for both of us.

drying and shelling beans for winter meals

checking out the town's harvest festival

keeping an eye on the beauties just outside my window

a week of blessings 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hello, October

Snow yesterday

which melted as soon as the sun shown.
Then later preparing for a predicted frost by picking all we could and covering the tenders

and early this morning the house temperature falling below 60 and jump starting the furnace despite our determination to resist so early in the season.
Yesterday apple upside down cakes from some of the last of our windfall apples to be delivered to two neighbors who've been in the hospital.

And in the moments between, despite promises to myself not to, having to rush with projects for our guild's upcoming quilt show

Ah, October.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

a play day

Jerome treated me to a day out for my birthday. We agreed on Dubuque, Iowa with stops along the return trip. Our weather couldn't have been more agreeable.

First stop, an all volunteer garden that just keeps getting better as the years pass.

That sweet husband of mine asked one of the gift shop volunteers to take our picture. On the way back into the shop I told her it was my birthday and my husband was treating me.  She told me I was probably quite a bit younger than she. Her guess at my age was 47! I told her I had applied for Medicare recently and that we'd been married for 42 years.
We had lunch at Vinny Vanucchi's  Little Italy on Main street in the old downtown. Absolutely divine. Jerome: chicken marsala, me: fettuccine seafood.

Then an attempt at riding what is described as the "shortest, steepest scenic railway",  but alas, it was down for repairs. It would have provided a stunning panorama of the Mississippi and a view of 3 states. Fun just to glimpse from below.

Just up the street there was Yarn Soup. I was on the hunt for Tunisian crochet hooks. So hard not to stroke every fiber in the place. One of those shops, where if you worked there by the end of the week you'd have little left of your pay.
My buddy Mary had recommended we stop at the new co-op in town. We did but agreed our co-op is still the best.

Along the road home Jerome's eagle eye spotted a billboard for a quilt shop in the town of Fennimore. We were charmed by the town but I was delighted with the quilt shop, The Quilt Peddler. Only 18 months old, it is beautiful, spacious, fully stocked and a joy to visit. Though 50 miles from home, it is definitely going to be a destination.
In Dickeyville we walked the grounds of Holy Ghost parish which contains the Dickeyville Grotto. It's actually called the Dickeyville Grotto, but I have a hard time calling a town Dickeyville, let alone what appears to be a pilgrim destination. In the mid morning as we drove past it on our way to Dubuque it was crowded with people, women in dresses, men in slacks.

We stopped for an ice cream in Lancaster and a quick shopping in Gatherings in Boscobel, a gift shop with a tiny but good quilt shop tucked in back. Good to get home in time to close up the chickens for the night and lavish attention on the cats who wondered why they were alone all day.

Thank you Jerome.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

sunrise on my last day of being 64

Looking east:

looking west

I've promised myself some improvements to my daily habits in my new year ahead. Already I've been rewarded.
And another thing….. for the past year I've had a specific Beatles tune running through my head nearly daily. Can I change that now??